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Turnip, Oasis Hybrid

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farm product

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Okra, Chant Hybrid for sell

Okra, Chant HybridOther than delicious, okra’s flavor defies easy description. Okra fruits
add heft to soups and stews-and are tasty fried or boiled. Growing from 2
to 6”, Okra is at its tastiest, tenderest best when the pods are smaller.
Loaded with protein, minerals and fiber, okra is the indispensable
ingredient in gumbo, adding depth of flavor and thickness. Indeed the name
for okra in Africa-where it originated-is gumbo.

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Watermelon, Red Ruby Hybrid

This new gem bowled us over with its super sweet and juicy, perfectly crisp
and firm ruby red flesh. At only 6-8 lb., this seedless watermelon is a
nice size for a small family and a cinch to store in the refrigerator. The
seedless fruit has a dark and light green striped outer skin and a bright
red interior. Plant with enclosed pollinator seed.
Watermelon, Crimson Sweet Watermelon, Red Ruby Hybrid

for sell

Tomato, Burpee’s Big Boy Hybrid

It’s SuperSauce! The new tomato superhero. A whole lot bigger, a whole lot better, a Roma with aroma. Weighing in at 2 lb., a whopping 5.5″ tall x 5″ wide, SuperSauce produces gallons of luscious, seedless sauce from a single plant harvest – one tomato fills an entire sauce jar. Very few people in the gardening world consider a paste tomato for anything other than making paste or sauce. SuperSauce also makes a superlative salad tomato; it’s perfect for a meaty and tasty hamburger slice too. Indeterminate, disease-free plants yield a summer-long supply of the exquisitely flavored marinara, tomato gravy or meat sauce plus plenty for salads and slicing. SuperSauce takes 7-12 days to

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Turnip, Oasis Hybrid

Turnip, Oasis Hybrid 1


Can be picked at any size with a surprisingly sweet juicy flavor similar to a melon.

Can be picked at any size with a surprisingly sweet juicy flavor similar to a melon. Oasis is delicious when eaten raw like an apple, or grated and added to salads. Resistant to virus. Ideal for summer and autumn harvests.


Pepper, Hot, Mad Hatter Hybrid

Pepper, Hot, Mad Hatter Hybrid ,via Site Settings ‹ baba farmproduct —

You won’t have to fall down a rabbit hole to bring the ‘Mad Hatter’ to your garden! Whimsical green and red peppers resembling hats bring fun to the vegetable patch. Peppers are sweet, crisp and crunchy with a subtle floral scent. Flavors intensify as fruit ripens. Hot, dry climates may produce fruits with a hint of heat at the center, but the outer parts remain sweet. Your family will be mad for this pepper!